X-Ray Tubes



Division of Philips Medical Systems of Turkey Authorized Distributor



We have stock in warehouse

DA 135 2,0 MHUtube
GE HiSpeed CT/e
GE HiSpeed CT/e Dual
GE HiSpeed Dual
GE Brivo CT 315,325

DA 165 3,5 MHUpower
GE HiSpeed Advantage
GE HiSpeed FXi
GE HiSpeed LXi
GE HiSpeed NXi
GE ProSpeed
GE BrightSpeed

image6DA 200 6,3 MHU
GE Hispeed QXi
GE HiSpeed CTi
GE HiSpeed NXi Pro
GE HiSpeed ZXi
GE LightSpeed Ultra
GE LightSpeed Plus
GE LightSpeed 16
GE LightSpeed 16 HP60
GE BrightSpeed Elite
GE Optima 540

4P40 6,3 MHU
GE Optima 660

5REEVO 240G™ 8 MHU
GE LightSpeed VCT
GE LightSpeed 16 Pro
GE LightSpeed 32
GE LightSpeed 64
bosGE Discovery VCT

Please call us for GE X-Ray tubes needed.